What are Nameservers? Nameservers are hostnames pointing to IP Addresses specific to a Hosting Server. Generally, Nameservers are a set of 2-4 Hostnames which when set inside a Domain Name, instructs the Domain Name to point to its corresponding IP Addresses which ultimately resolves the Domain Name to a specific Web hosting server. Since Domain

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This article gives details information about how you can transfer email messages within an email account mailbox on one to another mailbox on same server or other server. This article applies to any Mail Server (like SmarterMail, MailEnable etc.) which supports POP3 and IMAP configuration on a desktop email client. Usually there is no option

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How to choose the best hosting The starting point of any online business apart from the gist of it and a basic but bound action plan to carry out is the right choice of a hosting or web hosting. Your choice is vital to start showing the services, products and the nature of our business,

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The advantages of a shared hosting service Linux vs. Windows When creating a website or when we decide to change hosting provider, we must take account of a Linux shared hosting service. And why? Its advantages are many. Linux distributions are available for free, without paying for it the operating system. In addition, when configuring

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Every domain name registered on the internet has a defined life cycle that it goes through. When you place an order for a domain with a registration service provider, it is created in the Registry of the chosen extension with the specified name. Once created in the Registry, it cannot be ordered by anyone else

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Pace Infonet Web Hosting service is now just a touch away. Download our free Android App from Google Play Store today and always stay in touch with us.   This app is for our customers and anyone who is looking for some help on web hosting. Easily access FAQ’s, How to’s and other useful web

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A unique string of alphabets, numbers and/or special character hyphen (-) which corresponds to an internet address or website is known as a domain name. Domain names are governed by rules of Domain Name System (DNS). Most common form of Domain Name is a website address used world-wide by website owners to publish their sites

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Now subscribe to a Mutli Domain Web Hosting plan and get a .COM, .NET, .ORG, .IN or .CO.IN Domain absolutely free!!! Our multi domain windows and linux web hosting packages are well-suited for users who want to manage their multiple websites through a common hosting control panel and get rid of the hassle to manage

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