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How to transfer emails from mailbox on one server to another

This article gives details information about how you can transfer email messages within an email account mailbox on one to another mailbox on same server or other server. This article applies to any Mail Server (like SmarterMail, MailEnable etc.) which supports POP3 and IMAP configuration on a desktop email client.

Usually there is no option or tool available on Mail servers to allow the Export of Emails from one mailbox and Importing them in other thus transferring your email messages. You may look for some third-party software’s to do so. However, in most cases, you will need to rely on Manually transferring emails by method mentioned here-in. One of the methods that can work for you is given below.

You can use a Desktop Email Client like Microsoft Outlook to transfer email messages from one mailbox to another. In order to understand the process better, let’s assume that you are already having an Email Accounts for a domain “” on your Old Web Hosting account and you want to transfer Email messages to Email Accounts of “” under New Web Hosting Account with same web hosting service provider or another service provider.

First you must create Email Accounts with same names (and probably same passwords for convenience) on your New Web Hosting Account. To do this, login to your Hosting Control Panel and look for “Mail” menu which generally available on homepage of control panel in popular control panels like cPanel, Parallels Plesk, WebsitePanel etc. Use the Mail Accounts section to create Email Accounts with appropriate name & password.

Now you have email accounts with same name on your Old Hosting Account and New Hosting Account as well. But only email accounts on those server will work for which the Nameservers are set in your domain i.e. if Nameservers of Old Hosting Account are set then you can send/receive emails to its Email Accounts and also its webmail will open otherwise it will work from New Hosting Account.

Now next step is to configure 2 Email Accounts of same name as “IMAP” Accounts in Microsoft Outlook. For example, if you want to transfer emails of from Old Hosting Account to New Hosting Account then you need to Add 2 times as IMAP account in Microsoft Outlook BUT using different configuration settings both times.

A. Settings for Account 1

Account 1 will be the account on server to which your Nameservers are set. For example if your Nameservers are set to point to Old Hosting Account then Account 1 will your email account on Old Hosting Server and if its pointing to New Hosting Account then it will be of New Hosting server. In any case, the settings you must use are as follows.

Account Type: IMAP
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP):
IMAP Port: 143
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
SMTP Port: 25 (Use port 587 if 25 is blocked by your ISP)

Password: Use Secure Password: NO (untick)
Use SSL/TLS Encryption: NO
SMTP Server Requires Authentication: YES (Tick) This option is found in Properties or More Settings of the mail account and has to be selected to enable outgoing mails.)

Please checkout our below video on how to configure an email account on Microsoft Outlook.

Please note that the interface may be a bit different depending upon the version of Microsoft Outlook you are having installed on your computer.!/photo.php?v=110982982291861&set=vb.144394402262801&type=3&theater

IMPORTANT: When configuring your account make sure you select “IMAP as Account Type and once configuration is complete, synchronize all folders if you want to transfer data of all folders like Inbox, Sent Items etc.

B. Settings for Account 2

Account 2 will be the one to which your domain is NOT pointing currently, means Nameservers are not set for this Hosting Server. And since it is not pointing to that server, you CANNOT use the settings in mentioned above in Section A. You MUST USE IP ADDRESS of second Mail Server instead of in settings.

NOTE: Generally the IP Address of Mail Server is same as Hosting Control Panel IP Address, But please make sure first that you are using the correct IP Address by contacting your Web Hosting service provider.

You must use below settings to configure 2nd Email Account as an IMAP account.

Account Type: IMAP
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP): IP_Address
IMAP Port: 143
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): IP_Address
SMTP Port: 25 (use 587 if 25 is blocked by your ISP)

Password: Use Secure Password: NO (untick)
Use SSL/TLS Encryption: No
SMTP Server Requires Authentication: YES (Tick) This option is found in Properties or More Settings of the mail account and has to be selected to enable outgoing mails.

Once both, Account 1 and Account 2 are configured in Microsoft Outlook, you can see them in the list of Accounts in sidebar alongwith their own folder like Inbox, Sent Items etc.. Now to transfer your emails from Old Hosting Account to New Hosting Account, follow below steps

i. Go to the folder (like Inbox) of Old Hosting Account. Please note that since both accounts have same email address, you might get easily confused which one is which, so to avoid confusion, you can give different name to accounts while adding or edit after adding account in Microsoft Outlook.

ii. Once all mails of the selected folder are listed, Select All mails by pressing Ctrl+A or Right Click and choose Select All. After selecting all emails, Right Click on any of the email and choose option “Move”.

iii. This will open a dialog box and will ask you to Choose Folder to Move emails to. In the list of folders you can see all Email Acounts configured in Microsoft Outlook alongwith their folders and also the Local Folders of Microsoft Outlook. Here you must select the same folder (like Inbox) of Account 2 and click OK to start transfer process. You can also select a Local Folder in the list if you want to download and archive emails to your computer. This is a good way to backup your emails from time to time.

This way your mails will get transferred to Email Account on New Hosting Server. You must repeat this process for all folders you want to transfer and start over with setting up Account 1 and Account 2 in order to transfer email messages of other email accounts.

NOTE: Time taken to transfer emails will depend on the number/size of emails in the folder. Also you must keep your computer and internet connection ON until transfer is complete.

This concludes the procedure to transfer your emails from one mailbox to another.

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