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Life Cycle of a Domain Name

Every domain name registered on the internet has a defined life cycle that it goes through. When you place an order for a domain with a registration service provider, it is created in the Registry of the chosen extension with the specified name. Once created in the Registry, it cannot be ordered by anyone else globally until it is deleted from Registry.

The domains which are already registered get listed on “WHOIS” Servers which helps anyone to check the domain’s Creation Date, Expiry Date, Last Updated Date and Current Status.

Below is an example of a WHOIS lookup result.


Say, if we have a website for rehab center named Rehab and if the domain name is registered and has not reached its Expiry Date then the status will show up as Active. If the domain is past its Expiry Date but not yet renewed then it may show following statuses depending upon how many days are past expiry date.

Status – Expired:

Each extension has a predefined grace period after expiry date during which it will not work until renewed but can be renewed at regular costs without the risk of getting registered by someone else. For example this period is of 40 days in case of .COM domains.

Status – Redemption:

After grace period, the domain will enter into a Redemption Period of about 30 days during which period again the domain cannot be taken by someone else but can be renewed by owner at almost 8-10 times the original renew cost because of charges levied by the registry.

Status – Pending Delete:

If the domain is still not renewed during grace period or redemption period, it will then move to deletion period during which it cannot be renewed/registered by anyone. After 5 days it will get deleted from the Registry and will be available in open market for new registration by anyone.

There are also some more statuses.

Status – Transfer Prohibited:

This means there is currently a lock on the domain by owner/registrar/registry and cannot be transferred away to another service provider until lock is removed.

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