Type “ping hostname” or “ping IP address” in Command Prompt and hit Enter key. A hostname is typically is a website address without http://. .Replace hostname with the website or server IP that you want to ping. For example,to ping web server,type “ping” An IP address is a computer’s location on a network,

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With the file manager integrated in WebSitePanel, you can manage your files easily. Get info on mobilt fungerar bredband 1.Fill out your username and password to log into your WebSitePanel account. 2.Click File Manager in the new tab. 3.Now,you are able to see folders of your domain names under the File Name, and then choose

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Try out our VPS Hosting service for Free. No need to pay upfront. Place trial order, pay nothing and try our VPS for 5 days. Only pay for VPS Hosting service within 5 days if you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied, simply don’t pay the invoice and your order will get cancelled automatically

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