Selecting the right web-host provider isn’t the only critical decision companies need to make, they also need to choose between the “Big Two” web platforms: Windows and Linux. Most of the Web Hosting Companies use either of the two Operating Systems on their servers. Those two Operating systems are Windows and Linux. But what is

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Windows Hosting | Linux Hosting Services India Windows and Linux, these two are the major operating systems used on different computers, laptops and of course on web servers.  Both have many things in common and some rare things well, and as we all know, the two have many advantages and some disadvantages.  Therefore, we will

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Benefits of using Linux Web Hosting service In a today’s techno world, most of all users are well aware about the website. Website generally include domain name, web pages and web space. If you wish to launch a website of your company then first you need to choose appropriate domain name for your website, after

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